Everybody LOVES mama Jo!

Look out friends, here comes some inspirational thoughts!
Brought to you by Mama Jo, through her Beloved daughter, Me.
I was laying in bed, thinking about quotes. trying to sleep. but then I started thinking about all of these wise things that my mom says ALL THE TIME and she will continue to say to me through my life, and the lives of my chilluns.
Here they are: (along with some other cool stuff about the lady)

"With friends like that who needs enemies?" ... ok. I can't count the number of times this has been applicable to my life, and my other sibling's. It's really an eye opener when a friend is treating you like crap!

"Don't trade what you want the most for what you want at the moment" ok, I think Pres. Hinckley said this first. but she often repeats it!

"If you can't be a good example, you might just have to be a horrible warning" Also, often works out with circumstances through life. You look at the people who's lives SUCK, who are making the wrong decisions, and think, "man their life SUCKS. I don't wanna end up with a sucky life, so I better make good choices like my mother always taught me!"

"I am probably the weirdest person I know"... I just saw this on her facebook. HAHA. so true. we are all weird. I love it. it makes things spicy and interesting. If my mother were boring, I'd be boring. and I probably wouldn't have this blog. and I probably wouldn't have friends.

"Just say, 'Hi I'm Holly what's your name?'" if EVER any of us are nervous about starting something new, or making new friends. she always ALWAYS says this. and guess WHAT? It works. every time. no matter how awk.

"Be the best holly you can be." You know how on the newer version of Freaky Friday, her mom yells out the car window, "MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!!!" ... well instead of that, my mom hollers, "Be the best holly you can be!!" ... I will always carry this through my life. ALWAYZZZZ. I think about this one a lot. whenever I doubt myself, or stress. I just remember that all I have to do is do the best that III can, and erry little thang will be alright.

I kinda feel bad for the people who write on my mom's facebook wall, unaware that she NEVER gets on facebook, because she'll get on the computer, it'll be stupid for a second, and she'll shut it as to avoid a stressful situation.

At Girls camp, she is the best. honestly, dudes. I'm proud to be her daughter all the time, but the MOST when we are up at Girls camp, and she is up front yelping and hollering and telling funny jokes and stuff. (she's a stake leader)... those moments were my favorite. I would just smile and smile and smile and think, "That's my MAMA, you jealous, fool?!" 

Whilst at G camp, AND down here in the real world, people always tell me how they LOVE my mom, and how awesome she is. I just GLOW with pride, watching my little bird mother be awesome.

She lets me be weird and act like the cat she just laughs (although I don't think it was necessary to write that on my "introducing holly" paper Jr year in Mr. Andrus' class. but I think he enjoyed it) She teaches me how to be awesome like her. She helps me learn new baking skillz from the living room. She gives advice on things from photography bidness to boys. She is patient with me when I leave my stuff ALL around the house, forget to put her card back in her wallet, don't clean up my messes, and when I'm SASSAYYYY. (not disrespectfully sassy... just..me ok.)
OH! and who else's mom says "Hornymoon"?! pff. classic.

She is one amazing woman, that Joanna. I'm pretty sure half the reason my friends like coming to my house, is because she's their mom too. like I said, Ain't nothin better than a sea of people telling you how awesome your mom is. 
I already knew that, fools. She rubs off on me QUITE a lot, if you hadn't noticed :)


  1. I love your mom SOOOOOOO much!

  2. So so true!! And the awesome thing is that those quotes would be the exact same ones I would put too! I think I've born my testimony of some of them! haha...