Cheers to the Swagger Wagon & Allens

I was planning on writing one thing every time I blog that I'm grateful for.
Thank you hannah's tweet, for reminding me.
Yesterday I think I did in fact blog.
So I'll sayyy....
Swagger Wagon. 
I love him with all my heart. Some may call me a NERD for driving around a min van, but GUYS! Where would I put alla my props?! In the garage? no, that's not happening. my preshies deserve a warm cozy home. (I really need to post a picture of the back of my van. it's the best.)
So Crunch Berry the Swaggawagon, CHEERS TO YOU! 
What am I grateful for today? NOT Old Navy, NOT Costco, NOT dumb drivers (IknowIamonegetoverit)
I'm Grateful for Allens camera, and the cutie patootie boy helping me out. and the kind old man.
They, unlike costco, didn't turn Emily's bridals a lovely tint of blue. (they looked dead)
I was in a ROTTEN mood, and then I went there and they were nice to me. oh, and the other photographer lady in line. so, thank you kind strangers. CHEERS TO YOU.
That is about it for now. I'm going to go take a nice steamy hot shower, and cozy on up. 
Be grateful! 

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  1. Thank you for going to Allen's camera for me! YOu da best!