Cheers to Emily and Micah!

Ok... if you are facebook friends with me, DON'T JUDGE.
I instragrammed and posted WAY too many times today.
1. I got a new iPod touch
2. My big sister got married today.
(as you could see, from my many many posts)
It was seriously the greatest day.
Today I am grateful for EMILY Jo Richards.
Me and Emily have never had one of those patches of life where we weren't friends (like me and jill. hahaha but we won't dwell on the past). I have had hard times, and she has ALWAYS been there, knowing exactly what to say and how to help.
you know that saying, "You don't know what you got till it's gone"?
in this case, I have come to appreciate her EVEN MORE while she's been living upstairs.
She is amazing in every little way. Down to earth, smart, HILARIOUS, spiritually focused (what?), a GREAT example.
We have shared a great love for the moving "While You Were Sleeping" for a good 4 years now, and watch it again and again when holidays come callin! It is the most common quoted movie of our sistahood. (Like me, jill, and Baby Mama)
I honestly don't think I've ever seen Emma so happy in my WHOOOOLE LIFE!  
She was GLOWING, and I loved it.
I am grateful for family. I am SO grateful for temples. I am grateful for the example Emily has been. and I am ESPECIALLY grateful that she and Jill only live 20 minutes away. They are the best sisters I could ever ask for, dudes! Be jeal.
Soooo... As reminded about 8 times tonight, "I'M NEXT!"
I am the only Robinson daughter left!
I'll make mama proud. But don't worry, not for a while!
today was long, BUT GREAT! I loved every second.
Oh, and I miss Emily already.

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  1. You got a great shot of them coming out of the temple! I'm gonna steal it! I miss you already!