Bloody Brilliant

I can't decide who I love more.
Harry Potter, Mrs. Weasley, Dumbledoor, Neville Longbottom, Dean Thomas, or Professor Mcgonagall
Lets start from the end.
Mcgonnagall. That woman is just great. she's like your mother/granma/mentor/angel. I JUST LOVE HER. When she fought snape at the beginning, I yelled, "SHE'S SO BAD A!!!!"
what a woman.
Dean Thomas. He's hot. reason enough.
Neville. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I knew he'd be a hero in the end. I called it. in my head. what a man. He's kind of the best. and boy did puberty treat him goooood.
Dumbledoor is pretty much just a few grades above Mcgonnagall, and in male form. He's just like, ya know. like, the best dude like, ever. we all know why.
Mrs. Weasley provided me with two things:
1. Satisfaction that that DEVIL WOMAN Bellatrix is dead. I swear. I hate her almost as much as I hate Voldey. maybe more. ugh.
2. that line... "NOT TO MY DAUGHTER, BIHHHH" (sensored. obvi)
and of course, Harry Potter. He may be pasty, but boy is he tough. I really don't need to go into deets on that one either... he's just cool.
{if you couldn't tell, I just saw the last movie for the first time. love love love love love}
Thank you, JK Rowling for giving us 'Arry Potta to enjoy for alllll of these lovely years!
Sad it's over.
I am going to read all of the books now, and become a big ol' Harry Potter nerd like my sister. (who just went to Harry Potter land and it sounded... .AMAZING)
I'm glad 11:11:11 11/11/11 is over, cause holy facebook statuses.
I hate the cliches.
welllllllll hey! I hope you had a nice wishful day!
May all your wished come true... ha...haha.
PS. Quote of the day:
"Words are, in my most humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of Magic."
Guess who?


  1. You just saw HP 7 for the first time?! I'm shocked!! But, I'm glad you now know what you were missing out on!

  2. I love you so much more after reading this post. HA JK...like that was even possible. But I'm so happy you're going to read the books.