Betting my skillzzzz

I just go this sudden urge today, to become a better photographer. Hopefully this doesn't go beyond a workshop or two, into a career. I like my "Be an elementary school teacher with photography as a side job" plan!
Ha. whatever happens, happens.
It is what it is.
BUT. I think I just want to learn a little bit more about Photoshop (do any photographers actually use lightroom...? I feel like it's the lazy way. ha.) annnddd all the technical camera stuff.
I might just take a photography class or something.
I have been SEARCHING for a workshop of some sort that photographers in utah put on. The one I love, CRAVE photography. (Merlin's beard she is seriously AMAZING guys.) costs $350 bloody dollars!!! are you kidding me?! I'd have to know if it's worth it first. I'm guessing it is. but I am just not that rich, yo.
I have a plan in mind though.
Say hello to books, antique stores, and a mason jar with the words "Lens fund" on it.
MAYBE I could even just turn my disneyland jar into a "new lens" jar, since I can just pay for Disneyland with a paycheck!
wud uuup.
I gotta go back to that hellhole and talk to old man cramer!
Done talking to no one.
byeee (no one)

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