Adventures in babysitting.

I love the tiny humans. Holy canoly.
In tonight's adventure of babysitting 7 children...
(((that's 4 of my cousins, and 3 of their friend's kids. (2 babies, y'all)))
ok... first I'd like to say, that was a piece of cake. 7 kids might be difficult if:
1.the kids were hellians, which they SURELY were not. angels, is what they were.
2. if I didn't babysit 7++++ low functioning kids every day for 6 hours.
yeeeah. like I said. CAKE.
I love all of the kids in my class to the moon and back, but it's HARD work. So babysitting Macey& Miles, or my cousins is a nice breath of fresh air.
Tonight, G dawg was the funniest. (I say G dawg cause I hate failing at spelling names, and I simply don't know how they spell Jer-itt. and I know it's a G. k.)
Me: How old are you?!
G: three
Me: Are you in preschool?!
G: no, I'm in college.
he said it SO matter-of-factly. it was pretty hilarious.
Later, he and Brynne (my cousin) wanted to sleep in the same bed. I told him no, and put him in the hall outside her room. he was sitting there crying, and when he stopped, I looked away for TWO seconds, to see that he has snuck into her room.
ahh young love. Later after I told him maybe, he came out with those puppy dog eyes and said, "please holly can I sleep with brynne? I know how to sleep."
I gave in. he slept on the floor.
I'm the coolest babysitter EVER.
this was last week's adventure...

Hey. if the kids are happy, I'm happy.
want a better job. can't express to you how much I hate Twilight. actually WANT it to snow.  Watched Geek Charming tonight and enjoyed it(wait. I didn't even see the happy ending) Hate money. Want a remote control to life. Love hot chocolate. Need to do some craftin'. am baby hungry (not sex crazed. baby hungry. two different things, thanks.)
Yeah ok I'm done talking!
Have a lovely night! happy hollydays!

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