Winter and I are going to be best friends.

Friends, I am happy. and I think that I am going to be happy a lot this coldy cold season coming up.
I know, 3 months ago I was DREADING my friendless life of boredom.
But I have the best friends ever, some here, some far far far. I have THE BEST family, who I hung out with tonight, (yep. a friday night) and it was perfect.
Right now I am wearing a big ol' sweatshirt and leggings, watching Meet Me in St. Louis. (Please don't judge me for the amount of times I watch this), drinking Hazelnut & Vanilla hot coco, and pinning my night away. I also took dearest Kelli's approach, and silenced my phone, which is sitting across the room, face down.
It just dawned on me... this can happen a lot!  All I have is work, which steadily starts at 9:00 every day. No grades, and no school (yet) Yeah, I think I'll have to enjoy and take advantage of this until it all goes down the toilet when I start school (then again, maybe it'll be great still)
I think me and winter will get along very well. Just hold your horses, father winter... I know you want to get here, but we needs some fall first!
Work has been SO much better lately, too. take note: Thursday and Fridays are THE BEST. (as mentioned jesterday)
Today we watched toy story... and it was all of my favorite students (yeah, I know that's not allowed. but no one will tell)
I'm gonna go back to relaxing now.
This is what it looks like... in case you were wondering.

OH MY GOSH!! I forgot to share the greatest news of all!
I bought a typewriter. Why?
1. Photoshoots
2. Letters (creating a WW2 feel?)
3. The clicking noise (Like the picture book, "Click Clack Moo"
4. The "ding" sound
5. It's blue.
I went to Planted Earth with my friends, and I saw it. I thought. and thought. but didn't get it...
Then I went and talked to my parents, and they fully supported it!
So I went back, 15 minutes before the store closed.
Meet Blanch Bluebell

writing jessy a letter. the first letter! tomorrow is amy.

just gettin' artsy.

New toy/best friend? Yes. 
Get bored with it within 2 weeks? Yes.
Worth 40 dollars? YES.

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