what's your number? 1-800-CRAZY?

I am seriously contemplating quitting.
not really.
It's just that...
PMS + Crazy people DO NOT MIX WELL.
Honestly dudes, I am done. I was hoping for a good day, cause I'm doing a great photoshoot tonight.
But no. This morning was good, but this afternoon has been filled with worst kids, people talking down to me like I'm a four-year-old, and taking extraordinary measures for a child being hit in the face with a fly.
That definitely didn't happen. but you get the gist. Let's all just ADD TO THE DRAMA.
This is describing my mood at this moment:
excuse the bad word. but seriously.
I'm going home to take a freakin' nap.
and I'm faking sick tomorrow.
oh, ps. If anyone has any tips on how to handle controlling, weird, annoying, and... weird. coworkers, HOLLA at me.
like seriously, leave a comment. I know I'm just moody right now, but maybe it'll help, since the level of crazy is an every-day thing.

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