Great expectations... TGIF

welllll HIIIII!!!
I'm just sittin here. in ma bed. watching cosby. crocheting my blanket.
It's gonna be cute. and it will sufficiently entertain me throughout my boredom.
Good news! tomorrow is going to be  KIIIND OF A GREAT DAY.
Work, well work is work. But it's fun friday. that means MOOOVIE, and popcorn, and sometimes extry good snacks.
oh, and guess what else? I thought I got paid on monday (the last day of the month) buuuut papa gary informed me tonight, that we IN FACT get paid the day BEFORE the last day of the month.
the last bidness day. which would beee... TOMORROW!
I'm way stoked right about now.
So I'll have money, and it's friday. two good things already.
After school, there is a good chance I will open my mailbox and see a letter with "Holly Robinson" written on it, in pencil, in young sir allen's handwriting.
there is a 5% chance of breton. but I'm not countin on it ;)
So friday, paycheck, and letter. 
THENNN Imma go get ma hur cut. that's not exactly a "good thing" but it's not a bad thing. sister bonding time? yes.
So lets count. Friday, paycheck, letter, seester.
Then the day ends with babysittin' my faaaaave lil munchkins.
I love M&M a little too much. We have some great adventures.
Especially this one. yeahhhhh mon. (oh. I'll also be wearing my favorite jeans and underwear in case you're wondering. thankyouhannah)
I hope everyone's friday is going to be or is as good as mine.
And I hope mine is as good as I think it's gonna be....
Happy day! Keep it real.
ps. in case you were wondering, today was ok. I am getting sick, so I went to only three hours of work.
It was aight. byeeeee!

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