this is real life!

Remember when I was really P. O. ed and I posted about it?
Yeah, I don't take it back.
BUT. I will say, again, that my boss sent me a text that pretty much made me feel LOTS better about the CRAZY person sitch.
ON a happier note.
I just did the Navasard's photoshoot. For those of you who don't know, these people are my second family. They are the only ones (besides you, becky) that I still babysit for. and sometimes they let me crash their 4th of July parties and eat their food and stuff.
also if you'll go here, (my "kids" label. they are the perfect models, these tots.)
LET ME TELL YOU. They are beautiful people! It was a pretty crazy shoot, and I was a little nervous that I hadn't gotten a ton of good ones ( I know, out of 600 pictures? HA!)
but dudes, me and Lightroom are LOVING this a lot. 
here's a picture that I was about to throw out, but then I looked at it.
So look at it. Closely.
when I took this picture, I remember thinking, "Macey's lookin mighty mighty cute with her head on paul's shoulder. I might as well snap it"
I didn't even realize that behind the scenes, Paul and Miles seem to be having a bonding moment!
The girls are smilin' away, and the boys are goofing off or sooomething.
I LOVE this picture. It kinda just shows how life really is.
Life and family pictures are NOT always what you see on pinterest, but this is better.
ps. I will be posting a sneak peak on my Photography blog!
So just... ya know. stay tuned for that goodness.

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