sunday night boredom!

Last beverage = nice lovely refreshing H2O
Last text message = "YESSSS!!!"... from amanda.
Last song you listened to = Waiting on a Hero... from Footloose. love the song.
Lost someone special = yes, three grandparents indeed.
Been depressed = Yes. 

blue, turqoise and grey. not necessarily togetherrr...

Fallen out of love = uhhh. don't know if it was love. but suuuurely

Laughed until you cried = today in sunday school. laffy taffy jokes will do that. ahahaha
Met someone who changed you = sure have! plenty of humans.

 How many kids do you want to have = howww about... 5. or 6 because like my brother says, no middle child.
 What were you doing at midnight last night = Watching the Cosby show and crocheting my lovely blanket... I'm reeeeally cooel.
Name something you CANNOT wait for=
the end of two years. emily's wedding. christmas.
 What is one thing you wish you could change about your life = eh, I'm good.
 What are you listening to right now=  Modern Family of course!
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom? why yes I have. we see eachother in random places but I barely know him. it's a bit awk. but not really.
What's getting on your nerves right now = uhhh.... half hour ago It was EVERYONE. haha.
 Relationship Status = single!

He or She? = I prefer He's...but I am definitely a She. (hahaha carlee)
 Do you have a crush on someone? = MMHMMMM!
What do you like about yourself? = my eyelashes, I guess.

 Eating = nothin. but I am recovering from my foodbaby.
 Drinking = nothing at all
I'm about to = get off the computer. go downstairs. turn on the cosby show. crochet my blanket. go to sleeeeeep.
Feeling= eh. impatient. moody.

 Want kids = helllsssss yessssshhhh.
Get Married = yes please! I think about this tooooo too too much.
 Career = ehh maybe nurse, maybe first grade teacher. photographer. mama.

 Hugs or kisses = hugs. I'm sure I wouldn't hate kisses. hhaha
 Shorter or taller = ha. taller.
 Older or Younger = eh, doesn't matter. maturity level is what matters.(again, thanks carlee. sometimes your answers are better so I leave them;)
Nice stomach or nice arm= well I pretty much picture a guy with a beer belly and muscular arms... I'm just gonna say BOTH! thanks

 Broken someone's heart = I think possibly. but I guess we're passed that... who knows what boys are thinking anyways!
 Had your own heart broken = uhhh nada!
Turned someone down = yeahhh I'm kinda a biatch.
 Cried when someone died = do you think I'm made of STONE?
Fallen for a friend = HAHA. yeah. kinda story of my lyfe.

Yourself = Glad to day I do!
 Miracles = TOTES.
 Love at first sight = nahhh. maybe on RARE occasion. but that's the exception. so not reallyyyy
 Heaven = why yes I dooooo!
 Santa Claus = if you don't believe you don't receive... ;)
 Kiss on the first date = I guess....
Angels = most definitely.
Did you sing today? = yuuuup! I sang a nice awkward off-tune solo at the dinner table right when it went quiet. awk.
If you could go back in time, how far would you go, and why?= hmmmm. back to about... a year ago. So I could not be psycho. hahahaa.ahaa.
 If you could pick a day from last year and relive it, what would it be?= I don't keep track of dates... except in ma journal
 Are you afraid of falling in love?= it's a little bit CARAZY, but no I'm not really scared.
Do you like your life?= I would fast forward if I could, but I LOVE MY LIFE. ahhaha

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