Saturday, beautiful Saturday.

I'm losing my MIND.
I was doing some online shopping for a cute dress. (I have an odd new love for Maxi dresses. I don't care what you say, petroooo. I like em!) SO. I was like, "oh that cute store that I went to in Seattle that everyone loves but there's non in Utah.. what's it called?"
Yeah. I could not think of the name for the LIFE Of ME. All of my friends are probably sleeping, so I didn't wanna try and call.
All I could think to do was search the mall near Seattle that we went to on tour. So I did just that.
after 4 mall websites near Renton Washington, I found it.
and I searched, and found the store.
I must be tired. huuuuge brain freeeeeze.
It was a long, but good day.
I forget how much I LOVE HARRY POTTER until I watch it.
OH. in case you were wondering how my day turned out yesterday.
Fun friday was GREAT, as expected.
I did get my paycheck!
I didn't get a letter, but that's ok, now I have something to look forward to for next week... alongside a WEDDING FOR MA SISTA!
I had a fun little night with mace and miles.
Day well spent!
AS well as today.
Oh, and my blanket is coming along WONDERFULLYYYYY!!!!
Aight. I shall be going to sleep now.
Happy sabbath!

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