Pinterest has exploded in my room.

I was REALLY crafty today. 
I decked out my black journal/sketchbook that I got yesterday. WAY cute. pics will come.
2 fabric flower headbands (thank you kelsey for giving me the clearance T shirt idea. went to target right when I left last night)
and made a string of tissue flowers and hung them up on a naked space in my room.
daaaang cute.
the truth is, I'm too lazy to go find a memory card. get my camera. go downstairs. take pictures. come upstairs. transfer the pics onto slappy. edit them. (it's a disease. I have to edit any picture I publish. no matter how insignificant) 
rest in peace Kokoum and Kahuna. (who is still floating around SOMEWHERE on this property)
the loss of kokoum, to this day, is blamed on a skank who stole her from the locker room soph. year.
I also need Ugg-looking boots. 
I bought some mulit-colored and multi-shaped bottles today at hobby lobby. 50% off is 
This man should be more famous. (although the scruff makes him not as attractive as he was on the first episode of Psych.)
Two days till thursday.
Three days till friday!

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