"my me time"

IN the words of Josh Groban... there is so much to be grateful for.
OR... happy about.
The work week is over, and I am off to a solid four days of NOTHING.
nothing but laying around, hanging with my best friends, sleeping in, MAKING FOOD (it's been too long, oven. and kitchen aid. and kitchen), movies movies and movies, sleepovers, and PICTURES to capture this glorious fall break.
I'm not even gonna BOTHER telling about this passed three days at school, because lets not dwell on the past. cause it's boring and crappy. HA.
Tomorrow I have noooothing planned. love that.
I will say, that I plan on crafting quite a bit. call me a NERRRRD. but the classroom I work in is going to be much more colorful and friendly once I get ahold of it!
Oh. some good things: (and random thoughts)
1. the crazy might leave. that's all I can say.
2. I made a BIDNESS CARD! curse you Vista Print. they tried to trick me into paying 65 bucks. NAHHH i'm too smart for you, idiots. never again.
3. There is always a possibility of letters on thursdays and fridays. tomorrow's thursday.
4. the voices of Regina and Ingrid are filling my room. it's been too long.
5. Katy Perry is still married to Russell? Umm.. I thought they split because he cheated or something. but ACCORDING to her tweet... he's her "hubby"... idunno. Hannah?
6. All I can think about right now is Hazelnut Hot Coco. but the most physical activity my bod will allow is typing.
7. My room is semi-clean. my bed might be covered with clothes and underwear. but at least it's clean, and it's VS.
8. I had a nice shoot today, and another one tomorrow!
9. I have been wearing this kind-of-fake engagement ring on my MIDDLE finger for 3 weeks. not off once.
on my left ring finger, I wear a ring that jill gave me on my birthday. I have not taken it off for 4 months. I was gonna not take it off till I got engaged... but then I was thinking... uh does it look like a promise ring? WELL that's fine with me, cause I hate dating.
BUT. this ring just says words on it, sooo... it doesn't look too fishy.
I am now having a "me night"
now I want mcdonalds.
Just me and the Huxtables tonight!!
Happy fall break!!

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