lovely fall day.

Just pictures and a video today.

Sweet MOTHER. Oatmeal pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. These were a HUGE hit among neighbors and family. delicious, for real.

a photoshoot I did tonight... these kids were ADORABLE.
and I was feeling very creative! 
take a gander at those EYES! she's beautiful.

cute brothers!

definitely my favorite so far. the colors in the back just dance around beautifully.
so, successful photoshoot. VERY successful indeed. I am happy with the outcome!
It just reassured to me that Kid photoshoots ARE my strong suit. honestly, I love them. And I think I always get the best outcome with these :)
Here is this video...
She's the best.
goooo there. I don't even watch this. someone just posted it on facebook. LOVE.

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