-I miss my children. weird? NO. I do not miss work. I miss the KIDS. thanks.
-The singles ward probably thinks i'm inactive. no, actually, probably not. there is tooooo much going on there. haa. don't worry, I've just had farewells and such.
-I'm so DAAAANG happy I'm not in highschool anymore.
-It's weird to me that the little jocks I went all the way through elementary school with are getting their calls, and going on their missions. loooook. just LOOK at how far we've come!
now that I'm done with the "random thoughts" portion of this post, here is what my fall break was like:
Thursday:... I already told you.
Friday: OH. I went to Gardners Village with the whitehead fam. it was just too much fun. walking around for 5 hours? (oh, and that morning I went on a hike. love me some calorie burnin') I got some real cute stuff. ok, actually I got one cute thing. I cardigan-ish thing. and fat quarters for flower headband making.
That night me katie amanda and jessy went to footloose, and had a shleepover. UHMMM. 4 girls on a queen-size bed? NEVER AGAIN. I ended up on the floor. I was nice enough not to push Katie off.
OH!!!! did I mention I got a letter? it was just a one-pager, but there were pictures included. I love that allen. he da best missionary ERRR.
Yesterdayyy... yeah that was nothing spesh.
But all-in-all... A GREAT fallbreak.
When I feel like it, I'll be posting some pictures of these happenings.
I hope everyone ELSE had a lovely fall break like myself!

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