I can't even think of a flippin' title.

Well heyyyyyy my ho's.
First, let me just say. for awkward's sake. I hate it when you and a missionary write eachother letters at the same time, so WHO KNOWS who is supposed to write back first?? EH? butts.
anyways. friday friday friday. you could say it was pretty darn great! Work consisted of Diet Coke w/cherry, Oreos, Finding Nemo, and my favorite students.
After school we went up to Tibble Fork (HOLY ding dang dong beautiful. Need a date? Need an FHE? Go up there. I love it) anyways. So Emily's photographer is non other than Stephanie Sunderland Photography. She is amazing, and just my style. Best of all, she is down-to-earth. I told her I would assist her any time, and it sounds like she's holding me to it! Seriously guys, check that link out. Especially the engagements with the boat. It's pretty legendary, to be exact. You're gonna fall in love with that love. ahaha.

I should reeeally be sleeping right now, cause I am butt dead tired. Whatever that even means.
Have a great night! bye.

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