Hormone casserole? (trying to smile)

Alright peeps, I am feeling very sassy, and moody. Miss hannah marx can testify of that. (embarking on an hour-long pointless shopping trip to target with this pisser. that's love)
Me and Jill are both pmsing pretty bad, we decided last night. So as said on twitter, steer clear of this household. The smallest slightly-stupid comment will make me glaaarrrre.
A much-loved Grey's quote of mine is, "I.. am a HORMONE CASSEROLE!" -Callie. haha. ha. 
Mondays are in FACT the worst of the days. Work was long, but Peanutbutter M&Ms helped get me through. oh, and water and diet coke and oreos. (ha. snack time rocks) Near the end of class, I resorted to throwing a child's backpack across the room, and he would run and get it, and I'd throw it further, and he'd go and get it. Don't worry, it was all good fun. That, and I was not in the mood for slobbery hands or faces touching me.
MORAL of the story: moody molly + mondays = NO BUENO!
Also, how often do you wash your hair? I wash mine every day,  but... someone... was complaining about her hairdresser telling her to wash hers every other day. I say, every other day at the LEAST. unless your lucky, and you have the special kind of hair that doesn't look greasy even after a week at girls camp.
I am not this fortunate.
Thought of the day for everybody: (and this should be written on your mirror, or a piece of paper that shall go in your car, or on your door. you get the gist.)
"So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly keep smiling. Because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about" -Marilyn Monroe
Today, I made one of my frames with this quote in it. I kept it for myself. Jill found the quote for me on pinterest, and today every time I felt myself getting impatient or too tired to move at work, I thought of that last line. "Life's a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about"
Honestly dudes, sad mood? bad mood? stressed? focus on the good, and focus on what you DO have, right here, right now. oh, and eat peanutbutter. that always seems to help me. OH! and a fluffy pillow (name that movie)... that jennifer garner really knows her stuff.
Stay positive. even if its sucky.

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