Dream ring right HUR.

My mom has been looking through the big ol' boxes of old pictures, papers, letters, and junk from my grandparent's. She's been looking for my grandpa's discharge papers for some insurance shtuff, and this morning she stumbled upon this baby:
this picture does NOT do justice. I walked upstairs, and she said, "HOLLY, come see what I found", I gasped a great gasp, and said, "I WANT IT. My husband won't even have to buy the ring. extra for the honeymoon. booya."
suriously you guys. it's gorgeous, and just what I want. (only a size bigger)
So that's that.
It's been a great day so far, with the words of Marilyn floating through my head.
Give me strength for the next 3 hours! :)
Happy tuesday, errryone.

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