Comfy weekend at the Robinson home. and missions, again.

Who is happy? YOU ARE. because who isn't happy when you get to stay in your comfy's and listen to the prophet? (who, let's just throw it out there, is THE COOLEST man alive. all of his facial expressions? and of course (as over-said on facebook) ...  "HELLO!")
Yesterday was a blur, but I was happy all day. It consisted of family, jessy, food, Roberts craft 50% off sale, hannah, kneaders, big bang, and my bed.
Today started with the traditional T-T-TASTY conference breakfast of cinnamon rolls and breakfast food of all sorts. which of course, made me happy as a clam. Cousin caleb (the universal... as far as the robinson family goes, favorite cousin) came over and we all watched like a happy family does!
I'm beginning to over-think the actual length of two years. 
24 months. 730 (roughly) days. two Christmases, two birthdays, two summers.
That's a lot of packages and a lot of letters. I'm excited though, to look back on the letters in two years. I love looking back on things! the irony of things. like how I took that SICK picture of allen in his soccer game, and how I didn't even know breton till last summer, when we lived around a few corners. AND how me and coley boo lived 20 seconds apart for 18 years and we were never as close as we became right before he left. LONG LIVE THE LONGBOARDING SCAR!
Irony is my favorite thing. Not that this letter-writing business is ironic. haha. off subject!
I re-read some letters from my buckaroos tonight. such a splendid sunday activity, if you ask me.
Missionaries are the best. this church is SO TRUE, and they are givin' people the low-down on how awesome it is.
The other day, during emily's bridals, we had a map, and the photographer had them cut out hearts.
this is where emily just happened to cut out:
mmmhmmmm. likin' that zit?
 yeah, that's breton's mission exactly. SO WHAT DID I DO? I cut out Allen's, and Cole's missions, and put them in a nice frame. It'll appear in the "right brain" section of this lovely blog when I have the time and patience to take pictures of my last (4) crafty thingies, and put em on here. So that's something to be excited about, because pretty much not to brag buuuut... these ones are ADORABLE.
Here are some delightful pictures my mom took of me up at tibble fork. enjoy... ahahaha. bye.

yeah don't worry, I made this one extra big cause it's probably the cutest of all.

this will be sent to the boyz.

she said not to put it on FACEBOOK... I believe there is a difference.

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