Burst of Christmas Excitement!

It is 12:50.
I just had a random HUGE burst of excitement for christmas.
this always gets me that way
Just watch it, PA LEASE.
(you could just skip to 1:35ish... that's the good stuff)
I replay this clip an embarrassing amount of times sometimes.
Tonight, would be one of those times!
Have I mentioned that that is not just my favorite Christmas song... it's my favorite SONG.
Especially by Judy my gurrrl.
(James Taylor is a CLOSE second)
I love the lights. and the family. and the gift GIVING. and the cozy clothes. and the hot chocolate. and the music. and the movies. 
and the license to be lazy and watch alla those movie and DRINK the hot chocolate.
and I'm WAYYY stoked about being in the job I'm in with the kids!
So many possibilities, I tell you!
Well, Judy Garland is going to sing me to sleep now. 
If only I could hit "replay" on my tv.
Time to get an iPod...
Anyways. I hope I got you a little happy and excited about these wonderful hollydays.
I can't wait to start shopping!
Happy almost hollydays.

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