Bridal shower #2

So my aunt, she's kind of a creative genius. 
She threw Emily's second bridal shower today, and let me tell you. 
and she doesn't even have one. Don't get it.
But I shall now post pictures of the LOVELY decor, so I can pin all of it. 
young jillian made this AWESOME... thing. she mod-podged MAPS onto the letters. cause emily and micah love maps. EVEN BETTER: they are maps of the places they have been. (seperately) ha.

my fave.

this is no decor, but aunt debbie's house is just amazingly decorated. love it.

yay for crepes too weeks in a row! there was also a "Savory menu"

ok, brilliant?


sooo cute!

ok, this is really my favorite detail. I'm going to make these for sure. SO EASY.

these banners were everywhere:)

Just jill and her craftiness again...

almost all of the sisters :)

katie's cream cheese. MMMMM.

"Holly and her fairies"? ahahhaa.

and then we have theee borderline ugly shorts.
Welllll, yesterday there was MUCH on my mind to blog about.
but I forgot it all.
So I'm just gonna enjoy this lovely fall sunday.
Happy sabbath!

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  1. I heart my double chin.

    That was the bestest bridal shower ever! Thanks for bloggin it! (and doing it)