Awkward aaand Awesome

Wud up y'all? IT has been a GOOD day today. Been a whiiiile.
Let's get this started.
1. I keep all my shoes outside my room. It was dark. I grabbed my brown boots, and put them on. Even glanced in the mirror! I walk upstairs, and onto the kitchen floor. what is this? one shoe is NOT performing it's clicking abilities! I look down. Oh, cool, two different shoes. (all I can say is, good thing I only made it to the kitchen, and not work)
2. I forgot that my leggings were a litttttle bit see-through. until lunch. how do ya like them snowflake panties?!
3. I was carrying a lot of crap when I was getting out of the car, and I made a grunt sound. only to look up and see a mom getting into her car.
1. Chocolate animal crackers from wal mart. low calories, and chocolatey delicious.
2. My boss telling me I'm MORE than welcome to go for a hot chocolate run. Hannah Marx inspired me to try hazelnut. we've got ourselves a situation called... I might be addicted now.
3. One of our little girls showed up today with a coat on. we took the coat off, to see jeans, a long-sleeved t-shirt, and Dora. on the swimsuit that was nicely put on OVER her clothes.
4. Disneymania, all day long.
5. When strangers are nice to me, and when I'm nice to them. At the gas station, a dude needed jumper cables. I told him I might have some. I didn't... but it's the thought that counts, totes. OH, and I have "Sprite" written on my hand, and the man-in-scrubs behind me in line said, "did you get your sprite?"... not in a weird way. he was laughing. it wasn't weird. kbye.
6. "Singin' in the Rain" playing on the morning announcements. Put us alllll in the mood to listen to that all day. so we did just that.
7. This weather. it's about time.
8. Parachutes with children. you all know what I'm talking about.
9. FRIDAY. tomorrow.
10. The CD ben gave me. The Avett Brothers. Like Mumford & Sons. delicious to my ears!
11. White chicken chili and Cheesy biscuits tonight! oh, and DUH. Greys with my sisters and cousin and MAMA. thursday night family bonding is THE BEST!
12. I finallyyyyy got a letter from Allen! So I'm pretty happy about that one. Now for breton. but this should hold me over.
NOTICE! wayyyy way more "awesome"s than "awkward"s :)
That is what I call, a great change in the weather! (heh. literally and figuratively)
SHOUT OUT TO MY GURL EMILY. it's thurdsay, that means tomorrow is FRIDAY. and you have no school. not one bit. you ARE DONE WITH P-T conference!! (heahahaha. not physical therapist. parent-teacher) love youuu. 

so, good on ya for that.

HAVE a wonderful day please!

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