yogurt, bras & crazy days

Here's the deal with me. The problem. ha.
I don't like making plans. I like spontaneism. yes I just made that word up, mother said.
Even though that doesn't work a lot of the time, being spontaneous. I just really hate having a commitment. I'd rather someone show up at my door and be like, "Hey we're hanging out"... and I can shut the door in their face, or go with it.
Anyways. Pretty much, that little problem probably makes me seem like a flake. oh well.
Today was the day from hell, until after school. Pretty much both classe were a handful, and wore me RIGHT OUT. What really put the cherry on top, was when one little girl's chair ended up on my finger, and she, being large in stature, sat on it. NOT COOL. That just made me grumpy.
But then I got off a little early, and went to babaysit Macey and Miles... for 20 minutes. hahaha. eh, bonding time is bonding time. It's always good.
SPEAKING of bonding time. me and my mum just had some. It was kind of delightful. Batting cages, y'all. I don't think I've ever been... but it was just super. I have a blister on my left thumb, and I kinda feeeeel like I worked out today! which is good. so. yep.
Then I went to Yogurtland (not as good as Menchies) buuuut delicious! and bra shopping with hannah. Yeah... once you go Victoria... you never go back. what an adventure.
and... that's about it!
So it was a good day, after 3:30. I am REALLY hoping tomorrow is good too, because I'm going to start hating my job if every day is going to be like today. Kids off the wall. blah.
Well wish me luck!
Stay golden!
PS. It bugs me when people "fro-yo". pet peeve of the day.

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