Today today today. was chill.

It's thursday, guys. that mean's tomorrow is...
F-R-I-D-A-Y! weeee.
I am watching Meet Me in St. Louis again. I beg of you all, please PA-LEASE rent it. netflix it. buy it.
No one can beat hotties from the early 1900's, and Judy Garland. (small obsession.)
I want to go to the Christmas Eve Ball with my hilarious grandpa! and wear a corset. and a dress.
ok... getting carried away.
This post is kinda pointless.
OH. but I did to a freaking cute photoshoot today, of the adorable Morgan Sisters.
Your heart will melt in a couple days, when I post the peectures.
Nothing extrordinary happened today at school. Except it was WAY chill, and the weirdy other TA wasn't there. Bliss.
Tomorrow is friday and Yessy is coming back to town!
I hope you all have a splendid Friday!
Make it happen.

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