that kind boss of mine, and WHAT? A wedding?

Let me just say, although my job may be a pain sometimes, and although it may TUCKER ME OUT on a daily basis... My boss is the nicest person ever.
It took a while to get used to her kinda, not that she was mean or anything. But really, she is SO chill about taking sick days, (which I'm pretty sure TA's don't have a limit on) and stuff like that. This morning, I woke up on the WRONG side of the bed. And I was just frustrated, and sore, and feeling crappy, so I just shot her a text telling her I'd be 15 minutes late. She responded, "No worries! Get here when you can, and drive safely." ... I live 3 blocks away, and she knows that. I'm so GLAD she is not a difficult person!
Today I was feeling crappy (more like crampy) and I was about to cry if I had to stay at work for another half hour. So I just asked if I could leave half hour before lunch, and see if rest would help. She basically told me she'd see me tomorrow. WHEW. All day to rest and stuff = bueno.
So that's what's goin down in ma life... I got a nice in-between-the-letters-letter from allen today, responding to the SWEET MOTHER of a package me and hannah sent him. So that was just peachy. Now I know that Colorado mail gets here in 3 days, (good thing he writes the date, eh? I suck) buuuut NOT sure about washington mail. Still haven't heard from breton in a 2 1/2 weeks, but that's ok!

I was thinking about how stressed I was before the mission, and now I realize, you just have to live day-to-day. Let the chips fall where they may. go with it. "Play it fast and loose, see how it all shakes out"- (if you can name the movie, I'll give you a shout-out... big whoop, I know. Ok, I'll write a sentence about why I like you. unless I don't know you. ok)
Mother dearest is sick, so that sucks. REAL BAD.
Lately, I've been LOVING just hanging out with my family. Even if we just sit thur and look at eachother. it's great. that'll all be GONE GONE GONE in... WTF? 20 DAYS!!! where did the time go?! My little Emily is getting married in 20 days!
I'm so excited. I have to go find shoes and accessories! WHOOT!
Ok, well hey. have a great next 24 hours.
.... scratch that. not even close to 20 days. NOT EVEN CLOSE. haahaha. I thought it was october.... not november. bye. 


  1. Hahaha! I love your enthusiasm here. I wish the wedding were in 20 days!

    PS. That quote is from "Baby Mama." I recognized it, but I had to google search it to find out, so . . . yeah.