Ten happy things

Ten things that put a smile on this gurrrl's face lately:
1. Listening to Adele. it's ma comfort music!
2. The fact that I can relax and watch my favorite movie tonight--- no obligations. Josh Duhamel & Katherine Heigl. love.
3. My mam is making me an egg mc'muffin
4. the promising vision of a hot shower waiting for me and my sick tummy
5. Missionary emails (as always)
6. I'm getting paid on thursday. first time's a thrill
7. I'm not on The Biggest Loser
8. Fudge mint oreos.
9. Family home evening with the cousins/extended family last night was QUITE the blast. I love my cousins. I'm glad my family ain't full of losers.
10. Menchies.
Now how's bout that hot shower?
Happy day!
Belated shout out to my mama hannah. 
You are one of my favorite humans, and beesttt frinds.
Without you I wouldn't have discovered:
1. Fudge Mint Oreos (by extension((See #2)))
2. Allen
3. Victoria's Secret
... and MUCH more. pretty much you're just a great friend, and I love you A YOT.
(ps, this makes one more label for you)

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