Super senior my BUTT.

Here's the deal. I think there is a point, where you become a super senior. There is a line, that when crossed, people have license to call you that all they want.
Assemblies... maybe a little much. I went to the Hi week one, and I DO NOT plan on going to any more.
Fooooootball games, NADA. I love friday night football, K?! SO. thank you to the people that lovingly screamed my name, and to those who yelled "SUPER SENIOR"... suck it. and... get over yourselves!
Lunchtime... yeah hell no. I just added that for dramatic effect. 
That game sucked, and it was seriously the biggest load of BS I have ever ever seen in ma whole life!
Good game to my budday cortty poo. Well played, sonny. Mama loves you. 
I'm really glad I'm out of high school. I LOVE seeing all my senior friends, but umm... waiting for amanda after the game made me want to jump off the rec center roof.
I'm over it.
In conclusion, don't hate the seniors who come back for some nice friday night lights. Cause I can pretty much guarantee that that'll be you in one year.  

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