Right side of the brain, put to good use.

Hello again, blog stalkers. YEP, it's been a mere 2 hours since my last post. BUT... when a brilliant idea comes to mind... it needs to be blogged about. especially this one.
So I like to craft sometimes. And I think it's probably one of my few talents, so hey. Imma pursue this sucka.
this is the subject of the "brilliant beyond brilliant idea" that my dearest sister emily had:

So pretty much this is what I do when I'm in a craftayyy mood. And I've gotten compliments, and I love making them!
SO. Emily suggested that I sell them on Etsy. This, my friends, is a very bold move, so naturally it will take some courage, consideration, and commitment. ok lets switch that up.
Consideration (do I want to get into this? will it be worth it?)
Courage (POST that sucker on etsy.)
Commitment (uhh... someone orders, I actually have to do it)
Look at me! I made my own "Three C's of my daring brilliant ideadventure" (and I made a new word)
Here is my plan:
1. Post on Etsy, with the following specifics on what the customer would like.
- Pick 2 optional frame colors
-Pick 3-5 colors for the quote/background/font. (one of these being a light color)
-Find a quote that is 25 words tops
-Pick a size of frame (bigger the frame, the more words)
2. Sit and wait anxiously to see if this idea was a dud
3. If a dud, DELETE. (after a reasonable amount of time)
3. If not a dud, MAKE MONEY.
So basically the price is pretty reasonable, being 40-50 Dolla, considering how much time I put into it (three hours) and how expensive the supplies are.
Now guys. girls. friends. AMIGOS.
I need feedback, and I need it bad. If you could PLEASE just take a second and do this:
See the feedback button/check boxes below?
If you would buy this (realistic OR hypothetical): Check the "LOVE" box
If you would not buy one, check the "WEIRD" box. (or just do nothing. yeah, actually just do nothing. that would save my feelings from being stomped upon)
If you think I should take a wack at it, check the "LIKE" box.
If you want to buy one from me now, COMMENT, or email me (h.therob@gmail.com)
I don't really care if you comment here, write on my facebook wall, come to my house, call me, text me, write it on my sidewalk, hire a skywriter, or send me a letter.
Oh, or if we're facebook friends, and you saw this on "wall photos"... that'd work just as well :)
Much love!
OH. and suggestions on what to call this lovely art. seriously? "Quotes in a frame"... yeah that's a winner. NOT. 'ELP MATES.

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