Remembering September 11th

Hello, all! What a day. Let me be real here... I don't have any sort of emotional/dramatic/sad/touching story about this day, ten years ago. All I remember is going into my mom's room, and seeing it on the TV. Then I remember walking up the stairs at Orem Elementary (3rd grade) and thinking, "Oh, I guess this is more serious than I thought" I was a little scared, but it didn't effect me hugely, because I didn't understand the seriousness. I was 8, y'all. I do also remember a moment of silence, and realizing that it was more serious. ha.
SO. that's my story. tell me yours!
The day was spent at church, driving, napping, and watching all sorts of shows about 9/11.
This picture was shown, and I got chills all over ma body, and teared up.
It seriously amazes me how POWERFUL a picture can be. Pictures change things and people, and they change the way people look at things.
I found this after searching and searching.
To whom it may concern... this isn't "plagerism." (spelled that one wrong on purpose. mockingly)
Isn't that so powerful? And if you know me, you know I'm not one to use phrases like "Full of emotion" or "powerful" or "Touching". But those words seem to be the only fit words for this beautiful picture.
I hope we all took a moment to be proud to be an American today, and remember those who lost their lives during this Tragedy.
Every year, the Whiteheads and Stokes do this thing below. Every year for ten years!
(please forgive the blurriness of thee photos. Imma learnin!)

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