Miracle! Happiness. Missionaries.

I seriously, SERIOUSLY love missionaries. Sometimes I just get real proud of this Breton kid!
This is a bit of his letter. Gave everyone in the room chills!
 Just a little, huge miracle. The power of blessings. 

"Okay now for this week, so one of our investigators Amanda asked us for a blessing of healing a few weeks ago, she didn’t tell us why or anything, but just asked us for it and we gave it to her.  Then this week she told us the blessing worked!  We were all confused and asked her what she meant by that.  She then told us before she asked us for a blessing she’d been to the doctors and she’d been told she had about a golf ball sized tumor (she didn’t tell us where).  She then proceeded to go to several other doctors who all diagnosed it the same way.  Then she asked us for a blessing in our lesson and she described to us that during it “a light went into her” that’s how she described it.  We thought that was pretty cool, but then she told us she went back to the doctors for a biopsy to see if it was cancer and the tumor was completely gone!  Golf ball sized tumor completely gone after being diagnosed by several doctors.  That’s definitely a testimony to me of the power of the priesthood and of the Power of God!"

Nuff said. 

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