Laborless Weekend!

I am a happy child. Because it was a veryyy happy weekend.
And now I am watching Boy Meets World. Seriously you guys, is there any show better? Think. think really hard. The answer is NO. Me and Emily just discussed this. It is seriously just the best. I love it. A lot. And who doesn't want a Cory & Topanga relationship?! EXACTLY.
Ok, onward.
Little miss yessy came down for this lovely three-day weekend, so me and her and the gurrrls ventured out to find a swimming pond that I'd heard of. after driving around AF for a few minutes, we made a call and found it! Sandcastle making contest? YEAH BUDDY. Then that night, Jill and Woody needed me to bring them something to the Zermatt Resort up in Midway, and it also happened to be Swiss Days. Um, well... I hate Summerfest. So why would I love this? yeahidontknow. Oh well. It was something to do, and it is GORGEOUS up in Midway. This is what that reminds me of! the great days with my bud David Eldridge!  I need to write him. he most likely forgot about me. hahaha. anywhoooo.
That night when I got home, I was SO tired, and not feeling so hot. I decided 9:30 church would not be great for me. So I went to the home ward, nursery, and relief society with kelsey! It was not a bad sunday, not at all.
Today was just you know... GRAND. It was one of those family/homie/relaxing days that makes you excited for christmas vaycayyy. I woke up, made pancakes (for two people. cool), found something to make for din din, went to target, bought boots and groceries, and THEN. I watched Frequency. Have you SEEN THAT MOVIE? It is so sick. I mean suriously you guys. Me, jessy, and my dad were watching it. My dad was so excited for me to see it, and he kept saying, "You're gonna love it. I really think this is gonna be your new favorite."
Well pops, Right you are! Dennis Quaid is suuuuch a MAN.
So yeah. that happened. Then I made a delicious dinner of Steak Fajitas, Nuts About Berries Salad (yes, ZUPAS) and a PEANUTBUTTA PIE!
It was a wonderous weekend with the people I LOVE!
Now I'm layin' in ma bed with some Boy Meets World, ready for a long day at work tomorrow!
Happy Tuesday, errybody!
 Keep it real.

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