Happy sunday & Sociality wud UP?

I don't think we really need to talk about that game in this blog. Not at all. Because it was just straight up rediculous. BUT. I still love my boys... Yeah I'm talking to you Mckay.
on the PLUS SIDE! guys, I actually had a bit of a social life last night. It might have been with 3 juniors and a senior and  jordan, but I DID HAVE A SOCIAL LIFE! anddd it was a blast. for realzzzz.
so that's great. love my youngster friends.
I've decided that one day, I am going to put my pins into action. I will narrow THIS list down to about... let's say 10 places? And I will GO to them, sometime in my lifetime. With my husband, most likely. Let's be real, traveling with your best friend and sweetie pie is a dream come true. so one day, that'll happen.
For those of you who don't know what pintrest is... you should just go take a gander. It's basically a collection of things you love, in caterories. such aaaas places, home decor, photography, clothes, etc. It's pretty great. A lot of people (myself included) say that it just makes you want things you don't/can't have. BUT. I try to make my pins realistic. Of course there is the occasional mansion, or hammock on the beach in paradise. That's just for me to dream about. I do try to keep it real though!
It seriously gives me sooo many ideas for my room and photography. I love it. I can see my photographic lifestyle getting much easier, with the inspiration I get from other peectures. (AKA... I suck at posing)
Welp, it's been a lovely sunday, just hangin' out with the fam, readin ma scriptures, writing missionary letters, listening to Josh Groban, and preparing the BEAUTIFULLY wonderfully delicious (hopefully) dinner that we shall eat! Then Imma watch Frequency with "the youngsters".
Have a happy sunday!
Much love.

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