B.A.D. & some raining

Y'ALL. it was truly a great day.
Started out with my favorite class. A mix of four perfectly balanced 4-year-olds, one of them being my favorite student. The second class was fine too! So a non-crazy/stressful day at work = happy miss holly.
THEN. I get home, to the whiteheads, and me and amanda decide to take advantage of the rain, and do something relaxing. So I went home to get my stuff, and BAM!
LETTER! I was so FAREAKING happy guys. It was breton. It goes like this:
I don't miss him... I hear "Tonight" w/pitbull, and I miss him.
I don't miss him... I hear people rating how hot people are, and I miss him.
I don't miss him... I get a letter FULL of breton, that makes me laugh ma face off, and I miss him.
Don't worry, it's not a sad missing. it's just like, ""Oh man I love this child, he's my best friend, and I know exactly how he would say that"
SO THAT'S THAT. Happy gurl.
So then me and amanda went over to "the lightning pictures" spot, andddd we watched "The Holiday" in ma van. We awkwardly decided that it would be a freaking GREAT date. ... awkwardly.
It was just nice and chill. I love the rain. Hello Seattle.
Then I came home and crafted and now I'm watching Greys Season 7. booya.

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