Across the street memories & DUUUUDE. and bonding.

So you know how some animals just plain don't make noises? Well since a child can make every animal noise except a giraffe, a zebra, and my friends, a seat turtle. So today in class, I took the liberty of teaching my favorite student that a seat turtle, does in fact make a noise. And that noise is, "DUUUUUDE" ... later on, "Hey Markie! (name changed) what does a sea turtle say?"
we tried it 3 more times, worked like a charm. I told his mom. I hope she doesn't think I'm giving him false... knowledge. oh well. It was adorable. Love the kid.
I spent the afternoon painting nails at the school carnival. You can pretty much call me Dana Robison by now. (HA) Who, you may ask, is this human? My across-the-street-known-since-literally-birth-and-before-neighbor. and forever second mother. She was a... nail.. person. (what the heck is that called? I'm blanking) and I would go over to her house every couple of weeks to get my nails painted the prettiest pink and the sassiest red. the robison's house ALWAYS smelled like nail polish, so I pretty much came to love the smell. Fond memories :) I always wanted the long fake nails, and she told me that one day when I went to my first dance, she would do that for me. Unfortunately, she closed shop just about a year before I went to homecoming Jr year. That's ok, it was still such a great memory for me. Oh, and they had a swing in their family room. hanging from the ceiling. nuff said.
Now I go to church with Anne and Natalie, her daughters, and write her sonny boy Cole, on his mission. they are the greatest famdamilyyyy. 
So I'm doing engagements tomorrow. ... ok they're my sister's. but STILL. it counts. I am going all out with this. Props and everything. I have a great feeling about it, peeps. Anywho. To give you one little hint, I dug up this big ol' trunk my dad had in the basement, full of stuff from high school, and his mission to Italy. We sat there and dug through it. Those prom pictures were... indescribable. PAHAHA. Love it. So that was some nice daddy daughter bonding. I love greggers.
I must go to bed now, on account of, I needs be getting a lens from cramer in the morning! paha. I'm still a mooch.
Make it a great day, or not. The choice is yours

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