weird childhood quark

ok, childhood confession time. (emily robinson)
when I was little, I would watch movies. and there were some little things in the movies that people did that I wanted to copy. Just LITTLE things. I don't know why the craaaap I always wanted to do the little things they did.
For example: Rigoletto, when the girl gathers her skirt in her fist.
And rightnow... I'm watching Little Women.
a RUSH of those little weird memories are coming back.
I'm guessing no one else knows that I'm talking about.
So far...
when the littlest girl cups the orange in her hands, under her chin.
When they're acting out a play or something, and one of the girls has a pen in her mouth.
... CHRISTIAN BALE IS IN THIS MOVIE?! yum yum yummmm.
And Wynona Rider, Kirsten Dunst, and the girl on flipping Stardust.
wud up.
ok my nerd time is done!
I finally got Allen's address. whoo WHOOT.
well, I'm off to do a pile of laundry!
stay excellent.


  1. I love this. I called my mother "Marmy" for quite some time after watching Little Women. :)

  2. Little Women is one of the best movies ever!!! And yes . . . Christian Bale . . . :)

    I always wanted to use the word, "blast," like Amy. I may have to go buy this movie off Amazon now . . .

  3. I always forget that Kirsten Dunst is in that movie. And I do know what you're talking about... strangely.