Try a little harder! (cheeseballin')

Alright folks, what a great day it was!!
I got up, and I felt like being productive/ making mama jo happy.
So I weeded the "pizza" without being asked, and cleaned the kitchen.
Then I went to Orem Elementary, to hang with the Whiteheads, and we went to target too.
We went grocery shopping for the adventure of the day... making pizza!
I will tell you this, do NOT buy Archer Farms pizza crust. ruined the pizza :(
I also had a great interview at Crazy 8 today! I was nervous, but it went well! I have a second interview, so all I needa do is nail that one. There is a rollplay involved... give me strength.
So, the other day I made a decision. to be a harder worker, and go above and beyond.
Which is part of the reason why I got up and weeded in the hot hot sun this morn.
Why not make others happy, by doing a little extry service, and being a little happier? Inspiration?
-Sharon Stokes
-Amanda Whitehead (sometimes.. ;)
-That SUPER nice oldish guy at target, papa G calls him "Brother Target".. you all know who I'm talking about.
-Abe Lincoln
-Dwight schrute.
OK, that list went downhill. Basically, I just want to be a cooler, better, harder working person.
Imma work on that.
Make the mama happay.
Also, I've decided to eat healthier! It's going well so far.
I guess.
I'm going to go sleepy bye now. Hopefully! that would be so great if I could get to sleep before 12.
Let's try that out!
Stay happy, hard working, and be the best you can BEEEEE.


  1. Don't you love those moments of inspiration/motivation? I'll warn you, sometimes they only last for about 4 minutes, so good thing you wrote it on your blog to remind you :) You're the greatest!!!

  2. I LOVE YOU. fanks. you hottie.