A tasty post, dripping in sarcasm.

Just barely, I edited my "About the girl" page, and added, "Let's get crafty" ^^^^^
Check em'.
Today, as I was getting crafty, (you'll see plenty of that when you check back tomorrow) I broke my thumb nail. It freaking kills, I tell you. Guess how? peeling a paper off a crayon. Needless to say, I can no longer text with my right thumb, and it hurts to hit the space bar sometimes.
Darn you ambidextrous humans.
Also, best friends are leaving in 2 weeks for USU.
(OH, speaking of which. You know what flipping ROX? being in a car with 4 other people. all of which are going to the school which you wanted to go to with all your little heart. all of which planned and talked about it the whole night. yeah, that's pretty awesome. but not really.)
So I'm down to... Hannah, who works pretty much all the time. The whiteheads, who are more than wonderful. My family, who will satisfy my need for friendship only at times of patience, and... Bear. My tail-less cat who, if he had fingers, would flip me off. (I guess that's what I get for holding his hind legs up and making him do the wheelbarrow.)
I guess there's always Skype, which seemed to keep mine and Breton's friendship alive. umm... so I think according to the studies of classical conditioning, skype sessions will do nothing but give me butterflies. no matter what... what?
give me strength.
and a job.
and a new thumb. OH, and... get ready for this.
I was sitting on the grass earlier, and my shirt may have gone up a little bit in the back, revealing some skin. WELL. A mosquito decided to stake out his territory. RIGHT Above my butt. That sly little creature... the bite is in just the right place to make it look incredibly awkward if I itch. Which, obviously I do, because I have no control. So if you happen to see me in a public place, scratching away, I am NOT scratchin my booty. thank you.
I am having slight withdrawls from writing missionaries. It's the first week in about a month and a half that I have not gotten a letter on a wednesday.
I have no clue what Breton's or Allen's addresses are. sooo... this is awkward.
I'm the slightest bit bitter towards Breton right now, but I'll be sure to get over that.
Tomorrow I will be painting my sister's new condo. and stealing her birth control, once more.
I am so excited for other sister's wedding. Gonna be boss.
I'm hoping for a niece from one, and nephew from the other. that would be golden, no doubt.
I'm going to attempt at sleeping.I thought I'd be asleep by 11, cause I was tired.
Darn you internet.
Bleh. I hope you enjoyed this post of sarcasm and negativity... I tend to be more whitty when I'm a peeved little child.
Have a great day!
PS. be sure to check out:
My sweeeet sister. and her sweeeeet date with her sweeeeeet fiance.
she's hilarious. www.emilyjorobinson.blogspot.com
Just do it. You don't know her? who cares? JUST READ IT IT'S HILARIOUS PEOPLE!

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