Spiders & Painting & A future nurse

Hello, all. It has been quite a busy couple of days here in my crib. aka my life. Yesterday was productive, yet uneventful. I ran a butt freaking load of errands, and ended the day with making a brilliant craft, which will feature later on this week!
Last night, however was the night from hell. I haven't been able to sleep lately, which sucks. It's usually only till like, 2 in the morn. But this time it was 4. and I was just peeeeeaced. but I finally fell asleep. But oh, what is this?
3 hours later.
I wake up to a spider crawling across my arm,and over the edge of the bed.
Seriously, pest control PLEASE. TOO MANY SPIDERS!!!! (good thing I'm not jessy) But I went back to sleep in my bed anyways. That is another contribution to show you how much I love my bed. heh.
Today: Jill, Emily, and I embarked on the adventure of giving our parent's bedroom a little make over... the catch? they were downstairs. It was way fun. We painted one wall, and put up pictures all cute-like. Pictures on facebook. I'm tooooo lazy to post em here.
New life plan:
Ok, So I have been planning on going to MATC to do medical assisting, right? And I also knew that would go further into nursing or something, and was just planning on it later. But last night, I decided that I am just going to go to UVU next year, do my generals, then start trying to get into the Nursing Program. So that means I desperately need a job. I'm thinkin' I'll try the Local Elementary schools, to see if there are T.A. positions available, and Breton's mom said sometimes at her work they do that too. I'll search and search, and make money money money. That is my plan right now, but who knows when that'll change. ha.
I'm an indecisive person!
Well. Here is what I want right now: food, an email/letter from breton, a letter from allen, (tomorrow!) to hang out with hannah marx, to be able to sleep tonight and not wake up to a spider on my body, a rainy day, and. that is all.
Selfish girl am I.
Stay cool.

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