Some obessions & stuff.

Latest (and oldest) obsessions:
1. The color blue
2. Black and White photographs
3. Houses. old houses. cute houses. yeah.
4. Pintrest
5. Pictures
6. Netflix (until I finish The Office seasons)
7. The color Grey (gray(?)) and other colors together.
8. The mailbox
.... That's all I can think of at the moment.
Me and jessy ate at the hospital again today. Is this normal? Probably not. But it's probably not abnormal. Cause the food is delicious and cheap. and deliciously cheap. Sally, the nice young lady at the grill greeted with us with a smile and a "Hey guys!" today. She is usually unhappy looking, so I guess you could say she's happy to see our bright, shining faces. bam.
Family comin to town tomorrow! Cousins cousins cousins.
I'm not sure that Me PMSing + Family reunion = great. 
We'll just see.
Have a nice day! or night. or week. or LYFE.

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