Shopping list & Random thoughts

Thoughts, questions, and obvservations of today:
Trying to decide of a gym pass is worth it. AKA... if I'll USE IT.
Whenever I hear that song "Tonight" During the part that goes "blah blah blah... fall on top of yo girl" I think of breton. Ok, me and hannah decided anything pitbull reminds us of breton. but that part specifically, he used to sing every word... and turn it up. So today when I heard it on the radio... I turned it up. and smiled a lot.
I'm likin' this whole "falling asleep to rain" thing. Let's keep that goin.
Shopping list for when I have money: 
pretty sure my mom took the liberty of retiring my old boots. it was less painful that way I guess. They had to go... pretty much only two of my toes had support on the bottom. SO imma be savin up for these puppies! cute, right? YEAH.

umm... not specifically this one. preferably light brown. but yes, a leather jacket!

Nadine's screen is lookin a LITTLE sad... I might have to replace it. poor thing has a scratch :( But this should suffice. 

I hate tripods. they are just annoying and inconvenient. but then again, they're convenient. So I must.
Wow, I'm suuuuch an exciting person. Don't you fret, mothers/sisters/concerned friends who are reading. I am saving for college. I am not letting money burn a hole in my pocket. These are essentials, people!
OH! Also, on the list, but unable to be shown :
Gas money to peace out of Orem and up to Logan to see my homies.
Gym pass.
Yes, please. 
That is all for the day!
Wish me luck at my first day of schooooool/work tomorrow!
My outfit is ADORBS. Just you wait. Pictures will be posted.

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