Pintrest pet peeeves & Ox in da mud.

Three things I hate on pintrest:
1. practically porn pictures that people call "beautiful"
2. "Keep calm and..." pictures. seriously, it's gettin old y'all.
3. It makes me want to be rich. which is bad. but then again, you could say it's motivation to work hard? meh. whatever!
I still enjoy me some pintresting.of course. ok, I'm pindicted. ew.
I have two interviews tomorrow! Orem Elementary and Noodles & Co. which I don't really want... but I figured, eh.. what would an interview hurt?
I'm really really crossin my fingers for the Orem Elementary one. Teacher Aide in the preschool. perfect job for me! right? YES! Weekends and holidays off. I'd be workin in the same building as my favorite second mother. 
Today we moved Jill and Woody all day. The ox is definitely out of the myer. FAR out of it....
But it was the only day it could be done!
So then I came home, WORN out, and napped.
Then woke up and ate, then went and talked to kelsey and paul for an hour, then I went to the whiteheads and had some crazy times.
It was all good fun. Now I'm hungry, like always.

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