My other sisters!

Hallelujia for pretend sisters.
Can I get an AMEN?
This post is dedicated to myyy second family. The Whiteheads.
specifically the sisters, who I sayyy are my best friends.
They are literally like my family. I was over there almost every day during the summer.
I get "chewed out" for not cleaning up my messes, we snap at eachother, blah blah blah. all that good stuff.
So first we have Amanda. 
Eh hem.
Manda is HAWT. She is a Jr. this year, and I looove giving her all sorts of advice about the wonder years of high school. Boys, classes, la dee da.  It took us 16 years living down the street from eachother, to discover that we are pretty much the same person in  a LOT of ways. At least 10 times a day we say the same thing at the same time. And... we have pretty much the same wedding plans. (curse you, pintrest) its ok, we roll wid it. I don't even know how to begin to explain amanda. she is one amazing chick, guys. (literally, guys. heh) She has more patience in her pinkie finger, than I do in ma whole BOD. She may not know it, but I see it every day. Even if someone chucks doll furniture at her (hahahaha) she sits there, and speaks calmly. She is honestly one of my heroes, and she is alllllways there! Oh, she also gets freakishly hyper and it creeps me out :) but who doesn't? OH. also, she's really smart. She gets STRAIGHT A's y'all! Ok, I guess that's just a foreign thing to me.... cause I'm a B average student. whoo WHOOT! I love Manda. nuff said.
Now my children, here is Katie
Me and Katie actually became friend before me and Amanda. It all started at Girls Camp last summer. We danced in the rain, hung out with no pants on in the cabin, and layed on the cement porch thing of the cabin to watch shooting stars. We are also the same person, but in a different way. Me amanda are more of the same style, and sane thoughts and stuff. I think with me and Katie, it's more personality. We are craaaasy chicks, and we can't sit next to eachother in any church happenin cause we talk talk talk. laugh laugh laugh. She is a social butterfly, (much more than I was in Jr. High) One time I was bored, so I went over the Dub house on a friday night, only to walk into a room FULL of Jr. High youngsters. Boys on one side, girls on the other. How cute and awkward. She loves those friends of hers! And may I say, out of any Jr. High Chica I've ever met, she is by far the least dramatic. But, like any of the rare, down-to-earth 8th grader, she is completely surrounded by drama. Katie may be swimmin in it, but she is patient, and remains a GOOOOD friend. She is a stylin, cheeky little child, and I lub her!
Now it's time for sarah
Sarah is the epitome of the word Sassy. But then again, she is also the words Helpful, Considerdate, Caring, Social, and... yeah. ha. She has an attitude, which I love. (at times) She is always talking about her future career plans, and how they are always changing, but I am personally, WAY stoked to see what she really ends up being. She has gone from Dermatologist, to PT. Any way she goes, I can tell it's going to be a good one. She is definitely more mature than the average 6th grader, and she is smarter than me when it comes to a lot of random things (daddy's girl) She offers to clean my car for free, and rake my carpet (but lets be real. who doesn't love doing that?) That gurrrl is going to be one amazing mother one day! And now that I think about it, she's a perfect mix of her two other sisters. She has Amanda's kindness(sometimes:) and Katie's social skillz (what?) Sarah is great, and I love her cheeky little self to pieces.

There you have it. my three permanent best friends. They are the ones who will keep me sane this month, when everyone leaves. They get excited with me about missionary letters, and THAT is true friendship. I love these girls SO much, that I took them (and a few extras) on a for-fun photoshoot yesterday! enjoy this sneak peak.
Sarah... Look at those LIPS.

Oh yeah, duh. she is a crazy good gymnast!

Katie is beeeauuutifulllll and a natural for candid photos such as thisss!

She was the only non-sissy (ha) brave enough to lay down in the grass. then we saw 4 daddy HUGE legs and peace out.

This picture was worth the creepy crawlers. LOVELY.

Surrrahhh. These are out of order. ohhh well

MANDA. cuuutie.

Work it, GURL.

Laughing pictures are the BEST.

Natural beauty right thur. mm mm gooood. SHE'S SINGLE and 16. BUT. Any man who wants to date her will have to be interviewed by myself first. Don't worry. It's worth it.

Such a functional trio. ha. haha.

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