Lightning && New Amigas!

I think I'm probably happier than I've been in.. hmmm... a month or so? YUP. The events of friday, yesterday, and today have been PRIME. filled with friends, family, job, lightning, crafts, babysitting, and falling asleep to Sleepless in Seattle, and the sound of rain.
FIRST. I get a job. at orem elementary, like mentioned before. It is probably perfect, because I always know that when I work (9-3:) AND I don't have to worry about weekends and holidays. I will finally have money come to me steadily. (monthly, but I am NOT complaining.) and I won't be bored out of my mind, or feel useless.
THEN. Umm... I just made some cute stuff yesterday... that will be starring in the "Craft" portion of this blog.
TODAY. I went to the Singles ward. ok guys, I have had some bad/scared/nervous/negative thoughts about going to that place. BUT I quite enjoyed it! the problem with the boys in singles wards, is they are all like, 33 years older than me. major exaggeration right there. but you get me. ANYWHO. Cause all of the boys remotely close to my age are on missions. or at school. suckkk. oh well! It was still fun! thanks to my gurrrls Natalie and Anne who took me under their lil wings and... yup. ok.
TONIGHT. I was just driving cause I was bored. So I went to my new favorite secret spot that I found, in the very south of Orem. It drops off to provo, so you have a niiiice view of provo/springville/payson/santiqueer. I stopped on the side of the road to watch the lightning in Southern Utaw County, and sooooon enough there were like, 15 other cars parking, and getting out, and watching! SO. I went back to get my camera, and my sistas.
We went back down there, and erryone had left! SO. I whipped out Nadine and Papa G's mono pod (yeah that didn't work so well) and got to snappin photos. The ladies (whitehead gurrrls and natalie) settled on a blanket, and after a few minutes, I looked over and there was an extra girl on the blanket. They were just chattin it up with her, watching the lightning. She was in a cuuuute long floral artsy-ish dress, and in about her mid/late twenties.
Have you ever had conversation with a complete stranger? It is SUCH a golden thing to me. I love just talking to people I don't know. Being friendly to strangers. Cause you never know who's day your makin. So we sat there for 45 minutes, we sat and talked to this lovely lady, Amy about live and dreams and all that good stuff.
She asked us about what we wanted to do in life, and then she told us about herself. She decided one day, that she wanted to go live in Italy for the summer, so she did just that. She teaches art, and she wants to go to outer space one day. She told us random facts about lightning. It was great.
Honestly, it was so cool. We felt like we had known her for years!
She left giving us no last name, not that we asked, but she did say, "Well thanks for talkin to me girls! And I have a feeling we're going to cross paths in the near future. So please say hi!"
COOL HUH? She was rad. We all have a new hero. hahaha.
thank you, amy the kind stranger. Hopefully I'll recognize you even though it's dark.
SO. I got some sweet pictures tonight, made a new friend, and now I'm watching "Meet Me in St. Louis"... Life is good.
Go say hello to a stranger. Be more like that friendly man at target ("Brother Target").
Make someone's day!

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  1. I've always thought that people that can capture lightening in a picture must be really good photographers. I don't know if it's actually hard to do or not but you've definitely got talent!