I am going to live in the deep south.

Alright, I just saw the movie The Help.
The significance of me, sitting through and LOVING this movie?
It was 2.5 hours long.
It is a funny, emotional, heart melting/wrenching, inspiring movie.
GO see it! now. get off this contraption, and go see it.
Here are my thoughts:
1. I am probably going to be stuck in Southern Drawl for the next few days
2. I want to watch all the Southern movies I can
3. I want to travel back in time to the 50's and live in Mississippi (yes I just chanted that while I spelled)
4. I love Emma Stone even more now.
5.I want every stitch of the wardrobe from that movie, every piece of furniture from the lamps to the couches, and every inch of wallpaper. thank you.
It's 3 AM, and for some CARAZY reason, my mother is making me get up at 10 every day this week, and 9 every day next week.
Ok, I shouldn't complain. not one bit.
Cause... that's not even early. ha.
oh! I have a job interview at Crazy 8 tomorrow.
And I have a possible job interview at Orem Elementary this week!
thank you and goodnight!


  1. I've convinced Alex that we need to take a trip to Savannah...I sort of have an obsession with the south, too. P.S. I wish someone would tell me I have to wake up by 10. Or 9. That sounds quite lovely.

  2. Tell mom you're 18 and you can wake up whenever you want! Hah...actually don't.

    Have you watched the movie Steel Magnolias? It takes place in the South and is soooo good. (and super sad, like...cry a lot sad)