For all the future seniors of MV!

Here is some random advice for the youngins of Mountain View High School:
ok seriously guys, some of my best memories of high school are in that class, and if you have to take english, it might as well be with a teacher that is without a doubt, the best teacher I have ever had. In all my years of schooling... seriously you guys.
Please just take it. Here are some lovely memories of this lovely class:
1. See Josue. See josue with group in the back room. see josue put phone in ceiling. see other group go in there. hear phone ring. where is the phone? hear phone in ceiling. see ceiling tile broken. see josue's group frame holly for breaking the tile. see andrus PISSED. see andrus forgive. see holly get an A.
2. Andrus accidentally said "Penis" instead of "Peanut"
... ok that's all I can think of.
But really, best class of ma life.
So take it. cause you have to take english.
and you will learn lots of good stuff.
ok. that is my spiel  of the day.
have a good... whatever!
ha. bye.

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