Fam damily! day one. great.

Welp! This family reunion is a definite success so far. Today was SO great!
We hit up Spanish Fork Reservoir, and then had a nice din din at the park.
Here are some lovelies from today! I can't seem to stop snappin' y'all.
I'm excitered.

pretty pretty valley

this kid...

tysey wysey wooooo

three tots in a tub!

cute lil munchkins

heh. love these gurrrls! nice face, jill

Holly and Holly

beautifulllll child

this lady... is not 10 no mo. big 16 year old up in hurr!! annie the beautiful!

Love her


Isaac/ burt/ Ikiebieber


Jill & Jill! :)

*plop*... oh did she say don't let her sit in the water?

Love these kids!!

Jill squared, Holly squared. Jillholly^4

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  1. Cute pictures! I love your family!! I also love Emily and Micah's expressions in the back of your Jillholly^4 picture! Ha!!