Debbie Downer. Ollie Outcast. Betty boring.

Someone tell me I'm not a loser for not moving away to college.
Por favor.
I am going to make myself go to the singles ward, because... I at least need to do that.
If I don't get the job at Crazy 8, OR Orem elementary, I plan on moving.
out of state.
I'm thinkin Arizona or Washington. (Two polar opposites. heh. almost literally.) OR maybe I'll find something like what Jill did in Alaska. If they still had that thang goin, what she did, I would be all over that.
Jessy is moving on Saturday. I wish she had moved yesterday with everyone else, so that my sadness could be done and over.
for realz.
She is my besht friend. I don't know what imma do without her, seriously. UGH.
Better stop talking about this before my tear ducts start to leak...
I need some friends, too. cause alla mine are in High School or at work 24/7, and I'm just thinkin...  I need to spread my wings. hahaha.
Well I'm definitely writing all of my thoughts down right now, so that's a little weird.
I'm just having.. thoughts. meh. Whatever.

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