Feelin Craftayyy.

Here are some lovely creative crafts/ideas in the room which I live. and love.
Got this idea on pintrest, of course. haha. It borders all around my room! (Im talking about the string of pictures.) ha

pretty much inviting myself to the Holdaway (whiteheads) family reunion in disneyland. hahaha. So I made a jar! lets see how long I can resist takin this baby to a coinstar...

Oh that? it's just jessy's tatted up leg.
picture= $4 (hadn't discovered costco yet) frame= $4. Love.
Regina ma girl

I found this fold-out box at Barnes & Noble, and thought, "Hmm! this would be perfect for something like unto letters.Such as... from missionaries!" 

Well. there you have my random craft...s? of the day.
I'm going to go clean now, and then go to the lake. bye.

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