Awkward and Awesome

 Inspiration of this coming from The Daybook
1. conversation with papa gary:
Gary- Why are your sleeping items here?
Me- I slept over last night...
Gary- You slept over?
Me- Oh yeah, I forgot to ask, can I have a sleepover last night?
2. Chase and Katie having to share a shake. cootie probs. (they will be sharing more than that one day) what?
3. Chase not understanding why girls get hyper, and basically looking at us with a confused and rood stare all night long.
4. Trying to cover that one sexy scene of Pearl Harbor... with a see-through blanket.
5. Papa Gary saying, "Oh that's my faaavorite part."
6. tantrums from people over the age of 6.
1. Sixty bucks worth of Mary Kaye make-up in exchange for a photoshoot of b-e-a-utiful children
2. The lady who sold it to me. 
3. A day made up of swimming, hair doing, pintrest, sun, relaxation
4. The assurity of a second interview at Crazy 8
5. Oreo Jamoca shake from Arby's. I will never get one of those to split again.
6. Amanda's patience with her siblings at times. I wish I held that much patience in my pinky finger.
7. Loaded emails from my mission-serving besties
Well that is all! for the day.
Wish me luck, in not getting eaten by a bear in Yellowstone. Give me freaking patience. bye.
Happy Thursday errybody!

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